**"Blank" screen, but monitor is on**

By mindpurge
Mar 15, 2007
  1. Hi everyone :)

    My first post on these boards, I hope I can explain this well.

    I'm not a genius with PCs, but I know my way around, so don't worry about getting technical.

    Ok here goes:

    My wife's PC is working fine, windows xp loads up, POST is good, everything is fine with the computer in that sense.

    My Problem is this. Her monitor just went blank all of a sudden. Basically, the monitor is on, and the buttons to adjust the size/contrast/brightness/etc is viewable on the screen when I push them... but it remains blank like the screen saver "Blank". From boot up, to windows and everything in between.

    Anyone ever have this problem? I was told it might be the Video Card...

    Asus P4S533 1.8 ghz
    ATI 8500DV
  2. rwillis

    rwillis TS Member Posts: 47

    I'd update the video drivers to the latest version and also the chipset drivers.
    See if that helps... Also, what sort of PSU do you have?
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