Blank Screen : No Windows Start up Scrn

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Nov 14, 2005
  1. When i boot my pc up it goes by the start up screen...
    then when it comes time to go to the windows start up screen it doesnt show it , instead it just gives me a blank black screen , the monitor is still on green throughout this problem and i am also booting from my HDD
  2. Wushu

    Wushu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    also, when i press F8 on start up i get a "Boot Menu" and not the usual 'safe mode...' etc

    Boot menu says ;

    Select a Boot First Device

    > Removable
    -Floppy Disks
    >Hard Disk
    -1st SATA-M: ST3200862AS
  3. Wushu

    Wushu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ive put my bios to defaults and can no access safe mode etc options but when i go to safe mode it does about 4 lines of code and hangs there... help
  4. Wushu

    Wushu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    files booted ( in order are )

    and the last file it config/system ( or dir... )
  5. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Maybe doing a Windows repair will help.

    Instructions can be found HERE

    Regards Howard :) :)
  6. Wushu

    Wushu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I booted from another Hard disk last night and tried to access my C:\documents and settings\dano folder but got the response that it was inaccessible and corrupt

    is it still savable?
  7. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Did you try the repair that I suggested?

    If so what happened?

    Regards Howard :)
  8. Wushu

    Wushu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No i havent tried repairing yet, im getting my cd wallet today at 1pm then i can try.

    ill let you know how it goes
  9. Mohd Haq

    Mohd Haq TS Rookie

    Hi, as you have mentioned that when you start your computer in safe mode you set few lines of code, that code is nothing but the files being loaded and that the it stop at config/system means that the file system in config folder is corrupt and this file is nothing but the sytem file needed for computer start up. You can find a backup copy of it windows/repair folder. you need to access your computer from recovery console and then restore that file manually.
  10. Wushu

    Wushu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My problem has been fixed, sorry;

    Cant remember what i did, think i just did a clean reinstall; i know the repair eventually left my with some weird *** errors but it did work 'technically'
  11. Recast

    Recast TS Rookie

    i have a similar problem so i`ve decided to post here.i hope it won`t be a let`s gwt to the point.
    how did all start:
    a friend of mine was watching a movie onhispc,meanwhile he was downloading some files through DC++.then suddenly the movie stopped.we tried to start it again and then we realised that the pc was hung up.We tried ctr+alt+del and some other stuff and after there was no result i pressed the reset button.the PC booted normally,there were no bios messages,no error reports,but whindows did not start.Then i tried Safe Mode.It started loading the files ,but then there was another hangup at Mup.drv(or sys maybe i don`t remember now).We`ve waited a while and the restarted again.This time we tried Last Known Good Konfiguration and still nothing.I`ve decided to repair windows.Booted from CD,windows started copying files and everything was fine till the moment when the Setup is starting Windows message appeared.Then another hangup.We`ve waited another 10 minutes,then i stopped the pc and took it to my place.I installed the hardrive as a master on my pc and it booted windows(in safe mode because i didn`t want to mess the hardware configuration).Then i installed my harddrive on my friend`s pc.I tried booting xp(both normal and safe mode) but it didn`t load.I`ve deciede that the ram was the problem so i removed it and installed my ram on my friend`s pc.No progress at all.Same thing.Then i got another idea.I tried to boot from one of my other partitions(fat32 with windows 98 installed) and the OS started.Win 98 worked!But XP didn`t!? I thought it may be caused by some kind of file system problem or MBR missmatch i was going crazy at that point not knowing what to think and totally confused.I`ve runed some test on my friend`s harddrive,checked the MBR,checked if it`s active/bootable,but everything was OK.The last thing i`m going to try is to install win xp from previously copied to the harddrive i386 folder(kind of slow,but it`s my last hope).If it`s not working again i`ll just install win98:( and wait to see if somebody has a suggestion what may cause this strange problem.....

    p.s.:My friends`s pc is MB:Asus a7n8x s.A,CPU:palomino XP 1700+(1466 MHz),Ram 256 mb pc 3200,cl 2.5(don`t remember the brand),HDD:Seagate Barracuda,80 gb,7200,2 mb,ATA100,VC:nVidia GeForce 4 mx440 128 ddr and the PSU is 300w
    and btw pls excuse my bad english
  12. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    Its a hardware fault. Boot up with minimum hardware (CPU/mobo, Power, Onboard Audio/Video, 1 HDD, 1 stick of ram). Then if successfull start adding other peices one by one untill you find your fault.
  13. Recast

    Recast TS Rookie

    Already tried that.I left attached on the mainboard only the cpu,hdd,video card,ram(one piece),fdd.I removed the usb connectors,cd-rw drive,lan card.I also disabled integrated lan(previously struck by a lighting:D ),integrated modem and bios setiings for the cpu/ram speed&voltage are at the defaults.Ah and one last thing i forgot about.The default FSB for the cpu is 133(266),but when i load the bios defaults it`s set to 100(200)!?
  14. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    hmmk.. because Mup.sys if i remember correctly from my previous troubles is caused by some hardware fault or something.. and mine turned out to be the HDD being screwed..

    With the HDD in the PC, run Windows Recovery Console from your winxp disc and do the chkdsk /f and sfc /scannow commands. Also download a diagnostic utility from the respective manufacturer of your HDD and run that..
    -check mobo for signs of damage, popped capacitors, or burn smells etc
    -try reset BIOS

    So even safe mode doesn't boot up on that pc?
  15. Recast

    Recast TS Rookie

    Well maybe i didn`t explain correctly.I coud not get to any of the Options screens during win xp setup from the cd(recovery console,install,repair and so on).I did some tests with the latest version of Seagate`s Seatools.It did find some errors with the fat.I did a low lvl format and then created fat32 partition.I`ll try to install XP again later and then post here.....

    I won`t have the time to continue with this mess right now so my post will be delayed and yes safe mode didn`t booted the pc,but it doesn`t matter anymore because of the low lvl format i did...
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