Blocking Traffic for Specific Program

By badadjective
Feb 2, 2008
  1. Is it possible to block all incoming and outgoing traffic for a specific program in Windows XP? I'm using the built in Windows firewall, and I know it doesn't block outgoing traffic. I don't want to have to download any software to do this, perhaps there is another area in Windows where this could be accomplished?

    Thank you all in advance!
  2. Bobbye

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    You're going to need a firewall that blocks traffic BOTH ways. Try ZoneAlarm, free version. After the install, open the Programs section and block the program you want.

    It might be more helpful to know what program you're trying to block.
  3. jobeard

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    Firewall layered protection

    Several firewalls are available for this

    Here's the need things that they can do;
    1. control inbound traffic (like the MS version)
    2. control the outbound traffic (which MS can't do)
    3. and still better, even though port 80 is allowed (required for browsing),
      you can DENY program xyz.exe from using it!

    (3) is important as this is how you STOP ID THEFT!
    Your email program will need outbound port 110 or 143, but any other program should be DENIED!

    I've run COMODO for a long while (yrs), but it seems to have serious problems lately.
    I found Online Armor and Sunbelt and currently have opted for Sunbelt as it appears to be lighter (less code, less complex).
  4. jobeard

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    follow-up on Sunbelt after trial period

    Once the trial period is over, here's what is left:

    menu items on the left;

    Overview; working with all tabs

    Network Security; working with all tabs and the packet filter still fully function (this is a major requirement)

    Intrusions; Main tab still works for NIPS (Network Intrustions) and Application Behavior, but HIPS (Host Intrusions is disabled)

    Web: Totally disabled; you loose Bock Advertising, Pops, and Web Content controls

    Logs & Alerts: Tabs Network, NIPS, HIPS(but always empty), & Behavior show up, while Web generates a popup

    Re: Popup controls;
    The system did something interesting by inserting Javascript at the top and bottom
    of all pages shown in the browser (of any type, IE*, FF*, ...)
    Never caused a problem, apparently worked (as shown in the statistics), and
    after the trial period, this no longer occurs.

    I have mixed feelings on the technique of modifying webpage contents on the fly.
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