Blown motherboard (s)?

By wither3d
May 28, 2006
  1. I have a workhorse of a computer made by Falcon Northwest. I have had it for four years now with rarely a problem. A year ago I swapped out the video card for a firegl x2 256 because I don't do much gaming anymore but I work in design visualization. I decided recently that I wanted to upgrade to a 30" monitor and the x2 won't handle it, so i purchased an x3 (both of these cards are agp). I installed the card on friday, booted up the pc, and no video signal. i figured it was a bad card, so i took it our and put the x2 back in. no video signal. I became pretty upset at this point. Don't ask why, but I had a brand new spare Asus A7V333 laying around my apartment (identical to the one that was in the computer) so I decided to do a swap out. I swapped out the motherboard hooked everything back up (including the new x3 card) and turned on the pc. To my surprise it booted up fine, however the processor wasn't running up to proper speed (an AMD Athlon 3000+ which is 2 months old). I updated the bios to account for this, but the highest setting the bios would let me go to was 2135 (i got it to 2600 or 2800 fine on the old pc), and when I chose that option and saved, the computer would hang and never get to windows. I dropped the processor down to 1300 and it worked--i got into windows no problem but of course everything was slow. So the pc worked fine for 17 hours and I left my apt. for dinner the next day, came back and across the monitor were flying diagonal stripes of what appeared to be extremely fast moving text - dos style. I restared the pc, and guess what? no video signal. swapped in the x2 card for the x3 card, no signal. so i went to compusa today, knowing thier endless desire to still stock no name pc parts that were outdated years ago and purchased a pci video card thinking somehow i shorted out two agp slots. this pci card gives no signal as well. I should also add, that the light on the motherboard appears on, the network card has power going to it, hard drives can be heard booting up, pci card's fan comes on, power supply's fan is on, just no video. it's not the monitor, because i'm using it on another pc now.

    So who out there can figure out this problem?
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