Blue Box assures fans PS5 horror/shooter Abandoned was not canceled

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In context: Amid rumors that the indie horror game Abandoned has been canceled, Dutch developer Blue Box Game Studios took to Twitter to assure folks that the game is still under development. Last year, Sony announced the studio's debut game as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Speculation about the game's cancelation began when developers quietly deleted information about it from the official Twitter account.

YouTuber Lance McDonald first noticed the deleted tweets last week, sparking speculation that the game was canceled. In response, Blue Box posted a tweet saying that the cancelation rumors are false. The developer is currently working on a reveal that will come via its "Realtime Experience" app. It is also working on a "Prologue."

"The Playable Prologue is a standalone game with its own set of Trophy's [sic] on PS5," reads the FAQ on the game's website.

The Prologue is stated to be "coming soon," while the full game is scheduled for an unspecified 2022 release date. Its initial launch was supposed to be in Q4 2021. The developers admit that they announced Abandoned too soon, and because of an incredible amount of interest, the studio wants more time to polish the game and reveal.

When first announced, there was some confusion Abandoned was somehow related to Silent Hill. Blue Box dispelled that rumor saying that it is not affiliated in any way with Silent Hill or Hideo Kojima. The only other substantiated facts about the game are that it is a shooter with horror elements, but the "primary focus is not on horror." Also, the name Abandoned is only a codename and not the title of the finished game.

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Cal Jeffrey

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Maybe if they'd spent more time focusing on the game than an app for marketing it..
IKR? I don't get that part. I mean it's not the first time I have seen that (I can't recall off the top of my head which game did the same thing), but I didn't understand it then either. I felt like why the hell do I need to download an app to see trailers and get progress updates? I have enough useless junk on my phone.


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That has to be the worst promo/teaser video I've ever seen. Just a snow covered, dreary forest, a camp fire and a wooden sign. They should go ahead and just abandon this now if the video is any hint of what's in store for the player.


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Exclusive PS5 game, uhm, will it even sell 1 million copies? Still not really any PS5 supply, did it even sell 5 million worldwide after what, 2 years?

I like horror shooters but it's a niche genre.

Returnal barely sold 600.000 worldwide.
Demons Souls sold 1.4 million but how many completed it 🤣

It must suck making exclusives games which only a very limited number of players will actually play ... I hope that more PS games will be coming to PC going forward