Blue Coat/ Cacheflow stock clearance

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Sep 7, 2004
  1. RE. Clearance Sales - Blue Coat/Cacheflow Equipments

    Having completed the annual stock-taking in August, we would like to clear the following networking equipments from our warehouse:

    Model Qty. Specifications
    Server Accelerators (SA)

    SA710 9 20GB Disk, 512MB Memory
    SA725 10 36GB Disk, 1GB Memory
    SA745 13 72GB Disk, 1GB Memory

    Client Accelerators (CA)

    CA615 8 512MB Memory
    CA625 2 768MB Memory, 2*18GB HD
    CA645 4 1GB Memory, 4*18GB HD
    CA6085 3 2.5GB RAM, 144GB Disk Storage, 1 CPU
    CA6085 1 4GB RAM, 144GB Disk Storage, 2 CPUs
    CA6025 1 2*10/100BASE-T, BUNDLE
    CA6085 3 2*10/100BASE-T, BUNDLE
    CA6085 5 4*10/100BASE-T, BUNDLE
    Total: 59

    1) Goods Conditions: 100% New & sealed in original boxes
    2) Price: Discounted with more than 50% Off / Negotiable
    3) Goods location: Hong Kong, China

    If you are interested in all/some of the above models, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Nicholas WK

    - Please refrain from double posting
  2. swilly

    swilly TS Rookie

    Quote For Cacheflow Products

    How about $800 per CA615
    $1200 per CA625?

  3. nicholas11

    nicholas11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    How many pieces you need for CA615 and CA625? Please advise

    Kind regards
  4. swilly

    swilly TS Rookie

    Hello Nicholas11

    Have a budget cap of $3K.

    Qty 1 of each but, I will take:

    Qty 2 of CA615 @$600 ea
    Qty 2 of CA625 @$900 ea

    We have many CFs in our network. You a reseller for CF? Nice product, good support BUT, one of their support people was very rude to us and since then, we cooled from them because of the behavior of the support tech.

    Thank you for replying.

  5. swilly

    swilly TS Rookie

    Hello again Nicholas11

    What would you be considering for the CA645?

  6. nicholas11

    nicholas11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Swilly,

    I have been discussing the selling prices with my boss on CA615, CA625 and will come back to you shortly.

    How many pieces you need for CA645?

    Please contact me by

    Kind regards,

    Nicholas WK
  7. nicholas11

    nicholas11 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi Swilly,

    I have shipped you 2sets of CA625 by DHL this week, you should be receiving them shortly.

    Kind regards,

    Nicholas WK

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