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Oct 12, 2007
  1. op sys win XP
    no weird hardware installed
    Acer travelmate 4100

    Upgraded mem from 512 to 1024 in June

    Since August my computer is sometimes malfunctioning (couldn't find operating system at startup etc, I seemed to have fixed these issues now)

    But also once in a while it would crash at random, blue screen


    BCCode : f4 BCP1 : 00000003 BCP2 : 85C57550 BCP3 : 85C576C4
    BCP4 : 805C773E OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1

    this now occurs more and more often... :S
    I'm clueless and would really appreciate help!

    From some other threads I understood to add my minidumps which I attached for you experts out there... please please help me with my laptop! I'm afraid its dieing ...

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  2. BlameCanada

    BlameCanada TS Rookie Posts: 320

    No experts for you it seems,just me.:D

    Well, 3 dumps say "memory corruption" and two reference Mcafee.

    Unfortunately,that doesn`t necessarily mean it`s caused by your RAM

    or Mcafee.

    - Run Memtest for a few hours.Maybe go back to 512 MB

    - Run chkdisk - Start/Run/type : chkdsk /f

    - Uninstalling Mcafee is always a good thing,even if it`s inoccent
    Use AVG and Kerio/Comodo instead.

    - Go into msconfig start up and uncheck everything except firewall.
  3. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    All your minidumps crash with memory corruption and 3 have a FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: MEMORY_CORRUPTION_LARGE.

    MODULE_NAME: memory_corruption

    IMAGE_NAME: memory_corruption

    FOLLOWUP_NAME: memory_corruption





    Followup: memory_corruption

    This is caused by faulty or incompatible ram/faulty psu/faulty mobo/faulty graphics card with, an outside chance of a faulty cpu.

    You will need to diagnose which hardware is the culprit.

    Start with testing your ram as suggested by BlameCanada. You can find instructions HERE.

    You might also want to take a look at this thread HERE.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  4. s.renkema

    s.renkema TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks so much guys!

    I'll have a look at your suggestions!
  5. s.renkema

    s.renkema TS Rookie Topic Starter

    no improvements :(

    I have tried:
    - reformatting
    - plugged in my old 512 mem instead of the 1024 I put in summer
    - tried cleaning a bit (must say that I guess this could be done better but I strongly doubt this is causing the issue)
    - ran memtest for about 12 hours straight (think it looped 14 times) without any errors found (this was still on the 1024)
    - my friend keeps telling me he thinks it's a crashing harddisk or else the harddiskinterface (to the mobo) - I ran with ultimatebootcd 2 different harddisk scans, on the first it found only 1 error, fixed it, afterwards no more errors found (though... my friend still thinks it must be the harddisk
    - ran chkdisk - no errors
    - msconfig I always have already the minimum selected

    To howards reaction:
    "faulty psu/faulty mobo/faulty graphics card" how do I test these? With the above information, any further clues? new mini-dumps attached. Does it pay to buy a new harddisk, and see if this solved the problem? Or is that a pretty random guess?

    other than that
    - mcafee I run since beginning that I have the computer - it would be strange that this causes the problem I think :S
    - 75% of the cases after a blue-screen random crash at startup it cannot find operating system (equivalent to not finding harddisk?) - when I remove battery from laptop and unplug the energy - then connect everything again and plug in battery, it startsup normal (finds the operating system no problem).

    please help guys!!!
  6. s.renkema

    s.renkema TS Rookie Topic Starter

    new minidumps

    see attachments
  7. Po`Girl

    Po`Girl TS Rookie Posts: 595

    It`s definitely a hardware issue :)

    Probably battery.What happens when you start up without the battery ?
  8. s.renkema

    s.renkema TS Rookie Topic Starter

    On wednesday I decided to dismantle my computer entirely, had every screw lose and all the different items of my laptop were spread over my desk (quite fun to do). I cleaned all the elements, and maybe most importantly I un plugged and re-connected the cable running to/from my harddisk to the motherboard... - this for now seems to have solved my issue. Since putting everything back together on wednesday afternoon my computer has not crashed or malfunctioned a single time. Let's keep my fingers crossed and hope this stays that way
  9. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hey, that`s great news and thanks for your feedback.

    Regards Howard :)
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