Blue screen error req'd logs

By don2020
Dec 23, 2007
  1. as per my post in device drivers;
    here are the logs.

    im using Comodo antivirus and firewall programs, but ill probably uninstall the AV and install the AVG anti-virus in a few hours

    the initial online scan Housecall found about 5 things, one of them a minor backdoor, ive copy-pasted them into the virus.txt.
    i thought it fixed them (except the last one which needs to be done manually and occurs to me that it only takes on websites you make, which i dont do as i dont know how nor do i have a reason to do websites) though apparantly it didnt fix the main virus ive got as im still getting random bluescreen crashes :(

    No rootkits whatsoever where found.

    please help me fix this so i dont need to format (if at all possible), and thanks in advance

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  2. don2020

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  3. don2020

    don2020 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    jesus two weeks later.
    if no ones gonna help me can you at LEAST give me the curtesy of directing me to a website that will?
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