Blue Screen Errors/Freezing at Startup/KEeeps Rebooting

By parisita
May 6, 2006
  1. Okay I have a Emachine T2798
    2.7 GHz Intel Celeron Processor
    512 MB Ram
    60GB Harddrive
    64MB Graphics on board (shared)
    Media Reader in front
    10.0 Mbps Network Card
    DVD/CD-RW Combodrive

    With Emachine I only have a restore CD(No Windows XP CD) I restored a few days ago successfully(because the computer kept rebooting either after a few minutes of use or while starting up), and I finished installing windows Xp home edition. Before restoring I removed everything but the keyboard mouse and monitor and even removed my soundcard (M-Audio Delta 44) but when windows loaded up it said it found new hardware device M-Audio, so I used the delta cd to install drivers anyway, restarted, and the message still comes up as new hardware device found. After the computer kept restarting during all these processes I ended up turning off the auto restart and now I get blue screen message after blue screen message:


    So far I've tried Removing page file, defrag, ran scan disk and it began to clean the disk I guess then I got the Blue screen message. Drive_Irql_not_less_or_equal again

    Normally when I try to start in safemode the computer reboots or freezes when it loads but it loads up in normal mode just fine. Also I've noticed the longer I let the computer sit powered off determines how long it will stay on without rebooting/or giving me a blue screen when I do use it.

    Please help meee
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