Build a PC Blue Screen of Death on Windows XP

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Hi Guys,

I am using Windows XP Pro SP2 on a laptop.

Whenever I attach any external storage media (ipod, SD card, external hard disk), I get the BSOD after about a minute of attaching the device. The dumps refer to the sptd.sys file. I tried re-naming the file to a different extension and then re-booting but that did not seem to help. No problems with other devices such as mouse, webcam, etc. Any one have any idea what could be wrong and how it can be fixed? The last 3 minidump files are attached.


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Only two have crashed at sptd.sys, with the third crashing at radiamsi.sys. The process is the same in all three though. Smc.exe belongs to Sygate Personal Firewall, I would start by uninstalling the firewall to see if the crashes stop.

Post some more dumps if it still crashes.


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Maybe the USB outlet on your laptop is limited to only certain configurations. You need to contact the manufacturer (look at the instructions) or both. Find out the specs of your USB or whatever you're plugging in to. Compare this to the requirements of the devices. That would be a possible step one. (Also what the person above said).
Blue Screen Problem

I am having the same problems. The Lenovo people tell me that it is because I have SP3 on my machine but I see that others with SP2 have it as well. Any other suggestions about how to fix it? Is there another software package to sync the iPod to avoide this itunes issue?
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