Blue Screen of Death x__x

Apr 17, 2007
  1. i can became a victim of the bluescreen of death and i need help trying fix it
    so heres the situation:
    -I have a compaq laptop...forgot which model...

    -I installed Vista home edition to it which is capable of Vista
    but i borrowed the disc from a friend who has recently got a laptop with vista already installed in it so i decide to use the disc that came with the laptop but i couldn't find the product key which was needed to activate vista and so i use my friend's product BUT it said i only have 30 days to use it

    -So after 12 hours of creating recovery discs and when it was about to finish making them i got the blue screen of death

    so how im resorted to using safe mode to try to see how to fix the problem, and the make it worst...i misplaced my recovery disc for my laptop

    are there alternative ways to fix my laptop without losing my files? but it worst comes to worst i'll do whatever it takes to fix it

  2. Rickman45

    Rickman45 TS Rookie

    Is there a way that you can use your WindowsXP CD to do a reinstall and you
    maybe able to do a repair to windowsXP and still save your data! if you can
    boot to save mode, maybe see if you can get a jump drive to copy your files
    to. I would not borrow a vista upgrade and try another one's key, just for the
    fact that M$ is clamping down on those kind of things! good luck!
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