Blue Screen of death

By DaleNancie@USFa
Oct 10, 2007
  1. Hello everyone. Thanks for all your feedback but I haven't found anything which addresses my crashes. Since June, my minidumps have been happening with increasing frequency. There has been no significant change in my computer or my software for 10 months. Always they show bcmw15.sys with the D1 codes after after it. And they happen without a detectable pattern but only in standby. My computers a Dell E1505 less than a year old with no changes or additions since my first installation.

    Dell has replaced my Broadcom card twice and my WLAN card. All was quiet for a day and then I had another episode today. All the analysis checks indicate no problem with my disk. I increased my memory to 2 Gig.

    I have uploaded the 5 most recent mini-dumps. Can anybody help me.

    Thanks so much in advance

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  2. peterdiva

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    All the crashes are caused by the Broadcom wireless LAN driver (bcmwl5.sys) with a Trend Micro file in the mix (TM_CFW.sys).

    Suggestions (in order):
    1. Update the Broadcom wireless driver.
    2. Update Trend Micro.
    3. Uninstall Trend Micro for problem isolation.
  3. DaleNancie@USFa

    DaleNancie@USFa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you,

    Dell just reinstalled my Broadcom (3rd time) and I have uninstalled Trend Micro to try to isolate the problem. Am going to wait for a few days but thank you, thank you, thank you. Your information was the first hard info I've gotten on this blasted thing since it started in June.
  4. DaleNancie@USFa

    DaleNancie@USFa TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Blue screen problem finally solved


    I have finally been blue screen free for 3 straight days and wanted to share what finally fixed my problem for whomever else might be having the same issues. I have a Dell laptop with a broadcom wireless driver and Trend Micro antivirus updated to the Dell 14 version.

    I finally got Dell and Trend Micro to talk to one another and after telling them both about the crash analysis results from here, Dell upgraded me to another broadcom wireless router, they changed my bios setting and they wrote in an exception for the Broadcom.exe program (both in and out) into my firewall settings before they upgraded it.

    I'm not sure which of these was the exact fix but it would never happened without you guys. Thanks so much
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