Blue Screen on 2nd game start

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This problem has been stuck with me for a while now. Last year December, when i got my Radeon HD 3850, it started happening. Then it fixed itself somehow after i reformatted during the time.

I posted a topic about it here back then.

I reformatted again recently, then i got the BSOD every time i would run a game. So i reformatted again, and it happens every 2nd time i launch a game.(I can open games on the 1st try and play, but when i close and try to launch on the 2nd time without restart, it gives me the BSOD.) (i play games such as CS 1.6, CS Source, CoD4)

I've tried a couple different drivers such as the CD drivers(7.11), latest drivers out right now(8.1), and 7.12 drivers.

Also, i don't overclock, so that should be out of the way. i reseated my video card and ram a couple times and still gives me the BSOD.

I did a memtest last night and had 23 passes, and 0 fails/errors.

I really hope that the card isn't bad, and there is another problem causing this, can anyone help me? thanks!

Heres my bsod screen, and my minidump attached.


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Usually, that error is related to memory. BUT, that could be ram, vid or hd buffer memory.

The fact that, while playing in instance 1, you get no failures BUT when trying to play in instance 2 without a reboot is the focus.

Do some research in that specific area.
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