Blue Screen on the bottom Error Message Dumping Physical Memory

By Ramstri
Mar 4, 2007
  1. Hello all,
    All of the sudden I got this Blue Screen, on the bottom it said, "Error Message Dumping Physical Memory". I did not think to much about it so I let it go thru the process of dumping the physical Memory. Then it Restarted but then it said "no Operating System found". So then I try Repairing the OS with the OS repair or reinstalling CD. This is happeing in my Laptop from HP. When I try to repair it, it does not give me the option to Repair it. "Windows Setup" comes up then "Welcome to Setup then it says "To Repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console , Press R. When I press R it just takes me to the Recovery Console then it ask me to enter a command C:\> if I press "r" it says "the command is not recognized Type HELP for a list of supported command. I guess my question is "did i loss all of my Data, programs, Music and file? Em I doing something wrong when trying to repair the OS or should I just Reinstall the whole OS? PLease Help I'm going crazy especially if I did loss all of my programs and files!![/I]
  2. Tmagic650

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    "no Operating System found" usually means that the C or boot drive has gone bad...

    Your data is probably gone. Replace the hard drive and start fresh
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