Build a PC BLUE SCREEN: please check signal; no power, won't boot

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Hi, my mom's pc and mine were recently hit by viruses. I downloaded some patches, etc. from Microsoft. My pc is OK but my mom's now has a blue screen that says 'please check signal'. Only the screen comes on for 1 minute- can't get anything when we try to power on. :dead: Unplugged everything, replugged it, tried combinations. Just before this, the system would run a debugging program that would freeze everything up. Mom was getting the blue screen before, but she found out that switching the power surge off, then on, fixed the problem. Sorry, I'm new to this site but was hoping for some info because everyone wants to charge her $80 to $100 just to discuss the problem, not to fix it. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks. :)


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No signal means the video signal is not getting to the monitor... shut the computer down and check all your connections to the monitor. Also if that doesn't work check the video card itself ; it may have come unseated.
Ground yourself properly and make sure their is no power going to the box when preforming these checks.
Take your time.

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