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Feb 7, 2005
  1. Okies here goes,

    I was playing final fantasy 11 when it froze mid game, the computer didnt respond so i restarted it. The computer booted in somethign kind of like safe mode (low colour pallete but same resolution) I rebooted again but this time after the win xp loading bar the blue screen appeared. I tried to repair windows but when i try the repair doesnt find the hdd. The hdd is sata.
  2. Wuzix

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    Never mind

    I just rebooted over and over again.

    Loaded safe mode once, blue screen like 5-6 times after that

    Then the missing/corrupt windows files were recovered (thanks for telling me they were missing ;) ) then i had to reset again forget why.

    Then the littel scan disk thing deleted a shaft load of files and all is now fine........ we hope.

    Though there are now a few faults with final fantasy 11 (prolly because it crashed mid game) but im hoping this wil be resolved with a new install/repair
  3. Wuzix

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    Same error again.

    i get the blue screen with

    fatal error stop c000021a blah blah blah,

    ive tried formatting the drive but winblows can't see it when i try to format it, its 120gig SATA maxtor. Ive tried installing my old IDE HDD but i get errors during install then around 3 percent. Says somethign about couldnt install a certain file, gives me the option to try again (do this twice then no more) and skip it. I know the drive works because it was working peachy in teh other computer (havnt put it back yet) and i know the winblows disk is fine also :/ any suggestions please! before i lose money to someone to fix it :'(
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    hi you can replace your hard drive cabel if not maxtor do a hard drive fix which will take your hard drive back to when it was first made it zeros and x your hard drive contact maxtor thay will send you a copy or thay will email it to a frends email its only a small download it worked fine on my maxtor 80gig
    hope this helps
  5. zorro

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    hi me ag.. also look to make sure that the jumper has not cume loose on the back ov your hard drive or your motherboard will not find your drive
  6. Wuzix

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    Not sure

    I cant really understand your first reply, and there are no jumpers on the SATA drive
  7. hiren

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    update the OS


    The blue screen appears mainly due to os problems. Update your os with the latest patches.
    Also it could be the problem with bios also, so chk for bios update too.
    Blue screen problem also appears due to some driver of hardware. Remove any new installed hardware if any.

    Hope this will solve ur probs.
  8. thossoma

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    I Second That!

    I second the bios thing. Put the MB cd in and boot from it and it should flash to an earlier version of the bios. Then you can actually boot up and then download the latest!
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