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blue screens

By piklemeup ยท 5 replies
Jul 2, 2006
  1. I'm having some random computer crashing. I'm posititive it is due to hardware problems. I did a memory check, and figured out that it wasn't my RAM. I was reading through an article in PC gamer magazine (Canada and US version) and I saw an article talking about hardware problems. I checked it out and the only relevent ones are memory problems and cpu problems. I did a memory check, with no errors, so I'm almost positive it is a CPU problem. They say that it could be due to overheating and something to do with my heatsink. The problem is I have a laptop, and I'm not sure if this can be fixed to easily. Anybody know if I send it in, that I can keep my laptop intact just with a new heatsink or whatever. I already had my hard drive replaced, and I don't want to have to reinstall everything again.
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

  3. Xavier

    Xavier TS Rookie

    fault in non paged area

    BLUE SCREEN fault in non paged area

    Hi there i logged on this forum cos i found the cause to a problem
    When i searched the net i found this site
    And there are 18 pages about this problem but no real cure
    The post has been clossed so i cant post the solution there
    Perhaps a moderator can merge this info there
    Especialy for all those who will search fault in non paged area on google
    The first 2 articles you get are from this site

    I think i have found it
    At least on my system i found the cause and fixed it

    The errors i had before
    -Some letters not showing up (showing up)=[ sh..w.ng u.]
    -irol not less or equal
    -fault in non paged area
    -ntfs.sys error
    -NT Authority/System restarts after 1 munute

    It's not a powersuply error
    It's not a wrong driver error

    Remove one of your rar dimms

    I had all these problems aswell
    But after i removed one of my 2 identical rars
    The problems are all gone now

    So this could well be the problem for other folks aswell
  4. piklemeup

    piklemeup TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 58

    yeah, it could still be my ram. but I did the memory test for a long time, and it didn't find any errors. I could try replacing it, but I'm pretty sure its not the problem
  5. Xavier

    Xavier TS Rookie

    Simply remove one of the dimms and see if the error still ocurs

    All the tests i did on my dimms came out possitive aswell
    So those tests are not a good way to be shure
    Taking one out is

    I bought a brand new pc and had these problems
    Man i couldn't even instal XP first
    I got all kinds of read errors on my XP cd
    Tryed a different dvdrom but had the same problems
    Got another XP cd Didn't fix it eighter
    Removed one of the dimms and install from cd went without problems

    Then i put the second dimm back in the pc
    And it all looked ok but the error came back
    But since i removed the dimm i didn't get 1 error anymore
    I will replace both my dimms since it was new i will get them replaced
    They even had the same number and all
    And the same brand aswell cos i bought 2 identical dimms as a set

    Now i can do a virus scan ,run torrent,use msn ,surf the web and ftp at the same time
    And to put the cpu at it's max i also copied 10 gb to another disc
    All at the same time

    Off course my pc became real slow by then with only 1 512 mb in there
    But it didn't crash anymore

    Before i couldn't even run a complete scan for viruses
    And it even crashed when i was only used msn for chatting

    So dont count on those ram tests
    They dont show every problem

  6. piklemeup

    piklemeup TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 58

    thanks. I would love to remove my sticks of ram, except I'm on a laptop. One is built into my computer, and is hard to remove. If I remove the other one, there goes my warranty :p I read in a magazine somewhere that my cpu could be overheating, so I'm going to send it into bestbuy. They couldn't fix it the last 3 or 4 times, so I'm probably going to get the whole thing replaced. Maybe I could ask them to change the ram sticks, then give it back, because I would hate to loose everything I have on here.
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