Bluetooth - BTREZ.DLL

By raezor
Mar 19, 2005
  1. Serious probs. Laptop crashes abruptly. Seems to have happened after installing a Belkin 10m Bluetooth dongle. I have found out that the purchase was BAD NEWS. the dongle does not have a digital signature, Microsoft XP replace the drivers with it's own ever time you switch off the PC or remove the Belkin Dongle (what the f* is that!). No real help on Belkins homie, except how to re-configure the damn thing every time.

    I do get BTREZ.DLL not found several times on start up.

    Stupid enough to buy a 7 day licence from PC Mighty Max, that didn't help at all, after they said it would repair that specific problem.

    Any ideas???


    RaezoR :knock:
  2. michaelsch

    michaelsch TS Rookie

    Have the same problem after using Max Registry Cleaner

    I seem to have the same problem after I have used Max Registry Cleaner to clean my registry for all "file extension" problems.

    The btrez.dll is some Bluetooth driver ... I'll let you know if I find a solution.
  3. michaelsch

    michaelsch TS Rookie

    Here is what I discovered ...
    Registry Cleaner removed some .wid file extensions from the XP registry. That led to problems for the BlueTooth software package installed on my laptop. Especially, the "Bluetooth Places" in my explorer could not be shown.

    So, I found an update package of the entire Bluetooth package for my IBM Z60t laptop on IBM's website under the driver update section. After updating the bluetooth software I had no more problems.

    But Registry Cleaner still detects 3 .wid file extensions as invalid (probably because they have no value), which they are not. The removal of those 3 file extensions was the reason for the problems.

    I suggest you find an entire update of your bluetooth software and instill it. That will re-configure your missing file associations - and that might help you.

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