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Apr 3, 2007
  1. My computer is suppose to have a Bluetooth Device manager in the control panel. I have looked for it, but I have found nothing. Dell and Microsoft both say it should be on there, but Dell won't help me, they say it will cost me. Can you please help me. I did have some nasy viruses infected my computer a while back, and I have had to reinstall alot. I know that it use to be on my computer, but now it is gone.
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    First off stop panicking, if it was there before then odds on it will still be there somewhere, take a deep breath and check the following,

    Go into the BIOS and check that the Bluetooth function is enabled, to enter the BIOS look at the start up screen as your PC comes to life for a message such as "press ... to enter BIOS/Setup.

    Go to dells website here, put in your service tag and check for any drivers related to Bluetooth, if there is any download them and install them, but check the above first, there is no point installing a driver if the device is disabled.

    Post back and let us know, oh and the model of the laptop is a good idea.

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    I looked and it says none. I know there use to be an icon on my control panel. I can no longer use my cell phone via usb because it dissappeared. I cold have deleted myself by accident, but I'm good at no making mistakes like that.
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    Did you check in the BIOS to make sure its turned on ??

    If its not then it wont get installed by windows, if you turn it on windows will find it and install it without the need for drivers.

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    yes I did that, it says none next to it.
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