Bluetooth problems

By The_Godfather
Dec 12, 2005
  1. Hey all, Cheers for the help with the power supply thing, finally managed to get things up and running! Unfortunately, I have another problem:
    I bought a bluetooth card for my laptop, so that I could connect to the internet through my Nokia 6230. The card and laptop work perfectly together, and I have no trouble exchanging files etc, between my phone and laptop. However, every time I try to connect to the internet, my computer tells me that the card isn't connected. I never get this message when doing other activities, any ideas why I get it now? Hope one of you guys can help me, this is driving me insane!
  2. Didou

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    Is it a PCMCIA card or do you mean a Bluetooth dongle which connects to the USB port ? The latter is easier to reset as you simply need to pull it out & plug it back in. It might be a bit harder for a PCMCIA card though.
  3. The_Godfather

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    Its a PCMCIA card, the drivers are all installed fine, as I said, there are no problems with any other aspect of using the card, but connecting to the Internet is proving to be a real headache. Is there any way that it could be a problem with the Phone, rather than the laptop/card?
  4. Nodsu

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    How are you connecting to the internet?

    Usually you have to install the cell phone as a modem and then use normal dialup through that. Depending on the software you may need to separately install a virtual COM port to be able to use the cell phone modem.

    To make things even murkier, you probably have two Bluetooth software stacks on your computer - the one that comes with Windows XP and the one that came with your BT device.
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