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Feb 17, 2004
  1. anybody working on a bluetooth trackball??

    Logitec has kb/mouse combo but I am in an 18 wheeler and trackball a must.

    I am assuming bluetooth a lot less prone to interference (I suffer a lot of pointer freezes) from CB *****s blabbing away in the truckstop. Currently running Logitec RF wireless Kb and trackball.
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    Wow - not to sound stupid and sorry about getting off topic, but do a lot of truckers have computers/laptops in their trucks these days? It's just kind of hard for me to picture but it would be a pleasant surprise if so.
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  4. drumtrucker

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    Lots of drivers have laptops, very few have full size and NObody has a set up like mine. Wish I knew how to post pics in here.

    Flatscreen monitor and Kb tray mounted on artilculating arm that lets me see my GPS all day and watch TV and surf over my (too big) belly enjoying 5.1 sound off my automatic DTV satellite.
  5. drumtrucker

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    RE: wired

    I had wired touchpad till I bought this computer (in a shuttle box) and it was OK, but the wireless gives me freedom to yank the trackball off and put on my leg when I need to manipulate my GPS mapping software and maybe more importantly put on my chest while I surf prone. Wouldn't want to burn any calories raising my arm ya know.
  6. RealBlackStuff

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  7. Kianna

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    The Ball - DVForge

    The only bluetooth trackball I've found is made by DVForge. It has a scroller too. They sell it at MacMice, Power Max, and other places.
  8. wils256

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    Hey just saw a press release and a company is now taking preorders for a bluetooth trackball, just ordered mine!
    here's the url :hotbounce
  9. drumtrucker

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    ordered one too!

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