Blurry text on video out, from radeon 8500

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Dec 29, 2003
  1. I have a radeon 8500 and connected it to my tv the first time using the S-video out. Everything is great, my divx movies, and video games look good but I could barely read any text from the tv. If the text are large then I could see some of them, but blurry. I think I adjusted every possible setting on my video card, and on the tv. IS this the was it is suppose to be, or are there any other options and hidden sitches I can configure? Thanks to anyone that can help.
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    This is normal, because the highest resolution a regular tv will do is 800x600, and generally 640x480. So it will always display text very very bad. Unelss you get a high definition tv that has the capabilities of doing 1024x768.

    Sorry but there is nothing you can do about this.
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    Ok, Thanks for your reply.
  4. Scol

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    I had a TV out going to my HDTV at home and I was getting an occasional flicker on the display. Could this be a bad S-Video cable, or should I blame the capabilities of the graphics card? Oh and this is for my Laptop setup (Radeon 9000 I think...)
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    It could be the S-Video cable, the Radeon 900 or the HDTV being run at a setting it doesn't fully support...

    Make sure that the resolution set in the control panel is one supported by the HDTV (and that it's correctly Interlaced/De-Interlaced), and that the cable is securly fastened in both ends...

    If that doesn't work, try to make sure the cable isn't close to any power lines (i.e. the one powering the HDTV), as it might not be good enough shielded...

    Also make sure you're running the latest drivers for your system.

    Hopet his helps :)
  6. Scol

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    Hmm, maybe I should've picked up that Monster Cable S-Video connection rather than the generic one... lol :p

    Oh well, I'll do more testing on it later, I suppose...
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