Boeing brings the X-Wing to life


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After a turbulent year due to repeated fiascos with their 737 Max airplanes, Boeing could do with some positive publicity. The aerospace company has been making efforts to diversify their offering recently with a cargo drone and even a ‘flying car’ in partnership with Porsche, but it’s their latest vehicle that is perhaps most likely to put a smile on your face. Boeing have brought the X-Wing to life.

The iconic spacecraft from the Star Wars franchise lifted off at the Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida, in celebration of the opening of new ride ‘Rise of the Resistance.’

Boeing confirmed this week that they had joined forces with Disney to build the X-Wings. Communications official Alison Sheridan said, “we can confirm that those were Boeing aircraft that flew last night at the Rise of The Resistance dedication, and we were excited to be part of their event, but that’s all we’re sharing right now.”

Although the company didn’t disclose anything else, images and videos have allowed eagle-eyed enthusiasts to decipher a few details about how the crafts were built.

From the looks of it the X-Wings are modified versions of Boeing’s ‘Cargo Air Vehicle’ (CAV) drones – those debuted early last year, which Boeing claims can lift up-to 500 lbs. The drones use eight rotors, and are reportedly the size of an SUV.

The fact that Boeing were willing for their drone technology to be shown at such a public and high-profile event suggests that they are confident in how the drones are performing. One could even surmise that other commercial uses for the CAVs may not be too far, far away.

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There are already dogfight-capable X-Wing and TIE drones out right now..not sure what model(s) their based on, though. Also, nice wordplays there, padawan.


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Amazon really does have "everything"1575774195258.jpeg!

In fact, somewhere in my house, I may still have plans for an R/C "X-Wing" dating back 40 years, right after the first "Star Wars" movie was released.

Of course it was powered by a pusher ICE glow engine, which released pollutants into the air. That being said, I love the smell of burning nitro-methane and castor oil.

If you've never smelled burning nitro, you don't know what you've been missing out on. Try going to a drag meet sometime, whjen they're going to torch of the funny cars or AA fuel dragsters. Nothing like it.

(No, not THAT kind of a "drag race". Get your minds out of the gutter).
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Slapping on an x-wing look to an existing drone isn't bringing the x-wing to life. According to the title, I was actually expecting a real fighter jet to X-wing spec (or at least close to spec as we all know the specs published in books aren't real). I bet Lockheed could make an F-22 Raptor or F-35 Lightning look like an X-wing.
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