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Jan 9, 2004
  1. I am having a problem booting my computer. I just got a new mobo and cpu (AMD 64 3200+, Gigabyte K8N Pro NForce3). When I try to boot Windows XP Professional (which is isntalled on my hard drive) I just get a black screen when the Windows loading screen should be displayed.

    Can anyone help me?
  2. SubKamran

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    You bought this pre-built or built it yourself?
  3. XaJin

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    I put it together myself. Well I had another person helping me. Anyway we didnt encounter any trouble at all until we couldn't boot. We can boot from the CDROM, so we tried to reinstall Windows XP but when it needs to boot from the HDD it wont work. The hard drive will work in another computer though.

    Also the computer will recognize that the hard drive is there and can tell it is set as primary or master.
  4. Shiney

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    Is the hard drive the only drive you have on the cable or is it sharing with another?
    Can you try another drive in the machine.

    Try running scandisk from the cd.
  5. JimShady23

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    What kind of drive is it ? Serial ATA or IDE ? If it is SATA you need to install special drivers at the time of the windows xp setup....but than again you wouldnt even be able to install XP since it wouldnt detect a drive so this is unlikley that it is SATA

    If it is IDE go into your bios....Select advanced bios this chapter you will see a listing for first, second, third boot device ect.....on first boot drive select settings to bios and reboot....this may solve your problems......If this is not the solution try another type of memory.....Gigabyte boards are a royal ***** when it comes to memory......and the bad thing is they dont have a memory reccomendation on their website.

    Hope this has been helpful
  6. Dons

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    I have the same problem -except worse. Computer was assembled by my son, who is experienced in this area. Problems started about a month after install, First noticed that the AOPEN DUW-1608/12x DVD-RW wouldn't write, then wouldn't read. Then the BLACK SCREEN problem arose. I was able to get into the hard drive over the network, even though the screen was BLACK. I would inconsistently get a brief message with the heading "Power Management" stating "Input signal out of range", then the screen would go BLACK.

    I am able to get into BIOS. Screen displays perfectly when in BIOS and does not "BLACK" out.

    I am unable to boot into SAFE MODE.

    The only software running on the computer is XP, M/S Office 2000, Norton Antivirus, Mozilla, and M/S Internet Explorer, current version of NERO Express, and a memory manager. BIOS is two levels behind current - since the computer was working well initially, I didn't want to make any changes to add to the problems. I am running all default settings in BIOS. I am working on a LAN through a Linksys router and am connected to the internet over a DSL line. Full computer specs are posted in my profile.

    If you have any questions, want me to try something, please let me know. The week after nest, I am expecting have one of my son's friends evaluate my situation. He works with Cuyahoga County (Cleveland OH) as a computer and network support person. If I find anything out from that, I will be pleased to let you know.

    P.S. I have found AOPEN to be particularly unhelpful. Nero's impossible.
  7. Dons

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    Lots of black screen problems and K8N

    After my recent post, I decided to search Techspot for "K8N" and "Black screen" - Wow! There is apparently a frequently occuring problem here.

    Also, please review the following.

    Try a google search for the same terms. If you anything helpful, please post it.

    I will send an email to ASUS pointing out this same search. Maybe we can generate a response.
  8. Dons

    Dons TS Rookie

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