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Boot Problem

By (=DoM=)
Dec 19, 2004
  1. Hi, not posted for a few months, as if anyone cares...

    System :

    XP Pro SP2 (all latest updates)
    Athlon 64 3400+
    MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum
    Asus X800 Pro
    1gb Corsair PC3200
    80gb Maxtor DiamondPlus SATA
    Audigy 2

    Ok, had this system for a few months now and havnt had a single problem with it, i formatted 2 days ago coz i was bored and installed everything back on it, couldnt have gone any smoother. I was playing HL2 today and i rebooted after that, and now the computer will not boot into Windows, it POSTS, loads windows, but once the windows loading screen goes the computer will not launch into Windows, the monitor goes onto standbye...

    I can boot into safemode and i restored to an earlier restore point where the computer worked, but still not luck.

    Please bare in mind the computer had been running a smooth as anything for almost 4 months, this is the first problem ive had. All latest drivers were used in this installation.

    Hope somebody can help me. :)


    Dont bother replying, i fixed it, just one of those random Windows XP phantom problems, I took a stick of RAM out, it booted up np, stuck remaining one in, and its fine now. Hmm, i hate it when i cant get to the bottom of things :confused:
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