BOOT problems with winxp

By bartjeh01 · 4 replies
Jul 17, 2005
  1. I know this is a long story to read, but please, i really need some help, the damn laptop costed me over 1800€...

    I had some problems with my laptop, so i said, its time that i format the HDD.

    I ran the entire proces with the original recovery DVD from my laptop, wich made it possible to recover the pre-installed windows in 3 languages.

    After completing all the steps (format, install, settings, etc) windows worked fine.
    I installed some patches from the official Toshiba site, including a BIOS update (also official)

    When i was installing all the necesary updates, my pc blacked out, nothing worked, so i turned it down.

    When i tried to reboot, i got the screen from XP with the blue progress bar so i tought, everything is fine.

    I waited 10, 20, 30 even 50 minutes, but still i kept seeing the d*mn screen with the progress bar (the bar was moving, so it didnt crash).

    I said to myself, time to re-format, so i did this. So i did this again.
    I formatted the drive, installed WinXP and rebooted so i could run XP, but it took such a long time before i could adjust the setting necesary before accesing windows itsself (time, computername, admin password,...) and when it was registering the components in the register, i got a fatal error from setup.exe

    I did all the previous steps again, format and so on, but now when i boot, time passes, but still no windows, i even left it running for 5h but still the damn blue-progress-bar-screen.
    After the five hours i got a flash of a blue screen (the blue death screen?) and still no windows, no its gives me the blue-progress-bar-screen for over 7h and still no windows...

    What do you guys suggest me to do?
    If you have an answer, solution or anything that might help, please mail: or you can allways catch me on MSN:
    (+ i have no diskette station, so i cant use any boot disks, i can boot from a cd and thats all...)
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Welcome to Techspot.
    You might want to give the DVD install disk a real good cleaning , it may be scratched etc.It is the best way to put a Portable back together.
    Or try your installation again ,but this time after creating and formatting Partitions ,copy the dvd to any Partition except C:\ and then install from there. You can get a friend to create a Win 98 bootdisk from these files can be burned to bootable CD/DVD this you can use to copy the files.
    If the DVD doesn appear damaged/dirty You may be looking at some hardware failure and probably a trip to Toshiba. I hope you are under warranty in this case.
    Let us know your progress.
  3. bartjeh01

    bartjeh01 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Im thinking of sending my pc to Toshiba, the only problem is, this will take about 2 months to get my computer back, luckily i am still in my warranty period...
    thanks for the help
  4. theonlypcdoctor

    theonlypcdoctor TS Rookie

    I would send it to Toshiba, there does seem to be a problem with HD, if the CD is clean with no scratches, you can also try a regular XP CD to load, if it still does the same, send it back to Toshiba, I think they have better turn around than 2 months, I would check for a cross shipment on it if possible, they might get your credit card info to do that, then it would be at your choice of shipping.

  5. toffeapple

    toffeapple TS Rookie Posts: 152

    I wouldn't be too hasty in sending it back, try another disk my guess is the cd your using is damaged .I had the same issue and I couldn't see any noticable damage on the cd but like your laptop it just froze for hours on the progress bar. I tried an orignal XP disk and it worked fine
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