boot trouble... help!

By neri
Sep 3, 2007
  1. hi, i'm new here, and admittedly know nothing about troubleshooting computer problems. my problem is this.. my computer won't boot! when i turn it on, nothing happens, just long buzzing sounds from the cpu. even the monitor won't turn on. what should i do? please help!
  2. MaHaBone

    MaHaBone TS Rookie

    Buzzing from the CPU??? Do you have the case open? Are you sure that's not the fan you hear?

    Is your computer making any beeps when you start it up?

    As a general rule you should check to make sure all cables and connectors are, well, connected. Power down, unplug the case, and press the power again to empty out the capacitors. Ground yourself (I usually take off my shoes and socks and touch a nearby doorknob) open the case up and carefully look around to make sure all cables are snuggly where they belong.
  3. neri

    neri TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi mahabone... i tried your advice... it worked! thanks a lot! i was just scared to open the case in the beginning, because honestly i don't know anything about electronics, cables, capacitors, what-have-yous. but i went for it, following your instructions to the letter, and i was amazed, it worked! i was afraid my question was too much of a sissy for people here in the board.. thank you very much!
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