Boot up screen distortion

By TamaraH
Oct 25, 2003
  1. I just hadinstalled a new GF ti4200 video card today and there is screen distortion during boot up. Sorry if this is hard to follow, i really don't have much computer knowledge, there may be a much easier way to say all of this.

    The first screen flashes up that has the video card information and the corners of the screen are smushed in, for lack of better words, as if a rubber band was wrapped around it. The next screen that has system info on it starts off like that too then flickers back to how it always looked. The last screen before windows kicks has the smushed look as well. There are no problems with anything else as far as i can tell.
  2. Phantasm66

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    you may need to adjust your monitor's settings now. there are controls which you can use to adjust these problems, like getting rid of rounded corners, blurs, etc. If you still have a problem after this, then you may have a broken graphics card, but I doubt it. Its more likely that your monitor is improperly set up for the screen modes that the new card is running these startup screens at. If you had a serious problem with the graphic card, nothing would work properly, very likely.
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