By dolphin80
Jul 28, 2005
  1. I suspected I had a power supply problem because my computer would hang every now and then at bootup, so I installed a new power supply. I booted it up.. before the first beep it (again) hung. I reset it.. and again before the first beep it hung and in about three seconds the screen went blank. I powered-down the computer..waited 20 seconds..but this time it booted up. I repeated this process three times and my computer booted up with no problems. I restarted it(without powering it down) four times and it booted up with no problems. The next day I went over the same process as before and it booted up with no problem. Now that the power supply is ruled out, could anyone tell me based on the info given, could the board or the video card be the problem since my computer still hung at boot a couple of times after I installed a new power supply?
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    It could be your RAM. I would suggest running memtest from
    I also had a problem like this, and mine was related to a blown capacitor on my motherboard. If it didn't have enough charge in it (starting from a cold boot) it wouldn't start up, but once I kept restarting a few times it worked.
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    Thanks for the info partner and thanks for the welcome..glad to be here.
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