Booting from Sata

By Peerob
Jul 30, 2005
  1. I have a 120GbHDD in IDE1 with Windows XP Pro and all my stuff on. I have just installed a second drive which is a brand new 120GB SATA drive on SATA 1 formatted and clean. :bounce: It is visible and alive :approve: I can write to it etc.

    Then I made an exact copy of my old drive on IDE 1 onto the SATA drive using Norton Ghost. I rebooted and used F11 to select the new SATA drive as the boot drive. It slowly boots up to a point where only some programmes are loaded and then freezes. I have to power off and switch back on. I have tried various On-Chip ATA configuration in BIOS without any success.

    My intention was to copy my old drive onto my new SATA and then use my new SATA as the primary boot drive. What am I doing wrong??? Help!! :confused:
  2. Peerob

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    any ideas?
  3. PanicX

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    because this drive is on a different system controller, your OS install is looking for configuration data on \device\harddisk0 and not finding it. You'll have to reinstall the OS on this drive if you want to use the SATA controller. You can try doing a Windows Repair of the installation, but I wouldn't count on that working out.
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