Booting options with SEPARATE HARD DRIVES Linux/Windows

By toph
May 23, 2004
  1. Hello all...

    I have always been fascinated by Linux, but have been afraid to install it after hearing horror stories. With the influx of many new Linux "packages" out there, I decided to go with Fedora Core, which is Red Hat based. It was recommended to me as a system that is good for beginners.

    I installed it with nay a problem... booted just fine, everything works perfectly, but I am having a problem figuring out something: How to have an option screen that lets me choose what to load up when I reboot my machine.

    Heres my situation:
    HARD DRIVE A, 20G, this hard drive belongs solely to Fedora Core.

    HARD DRIVE B, 120G, I have Windows Pro XP and Windows Pro 2000 installed on this hard drive.

    Now, the thing is, I have done some searching on bootloaders, and it seems like all of them, or most, only support dual booting from the same hard drive. But I know for a fact that Mandrakes bootloader gives the option of booting from a different hard drive (I was using Mandrake before Fedora). Now Mandrake had a sweet setup, nice blue screen with lots of options...

    Is there any way to get what I had with Mandrake and use that with Fedora Core?

    Sorry if I cause a sigh in some of you, but I am a newb at Linux, but I want to learn so badly. Thanks for any input. :)
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    How did you set up Fedora bootloader then?

    Most all linux distros use GRUB as the bootloader and it supports booting from anywhere with no problems. I haven't installed Fedora on a multi-HD system so I don't know if it detects Windows installations on other drives.

    Were your Windows installations on the second HD before the Linux install too? If you move around the Windows partition then it will not boot and you will have a lot of trouble getting it fixed.
  3. Phantasm66

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    Read this:

    (I think you may have to copy and paste that URL into your browser, it may not open properly from the link in my post.)

    Any questions, pop back and ask! Post again to this thread, don't start a new one please. Best of luck.
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