Bootup Problem w xp/ asap plz

By d310n9
Apr 22, 2006
  1. PPL PLZ! 10 views and no idea? if nobody knows how then nvm but if anyone got just a small clue/hint tell me....i tried everythin i could think of

    Alright, here comes the problem:
    I try to boot my laptop and it just stops at the black loading screen (looks dos-like and if im rite its just be4 the splash logo...)

    I've recovered the system twice but in both times the problem still exists tho i can use the system right after the recovery(-->if i dont restart; even tried gamimg and it works....)but as soon as i restart the system it doesnt boot properly now im kinda stuck in safe mode and writing this post on the laptop of ma parentz -_-#

    I tried the thingys wif boot log and event viewer (but as it seems the boot log is kinda useless)
    event viewer:
    5x Problems with a "Service Control manager":

    Nr 1.&2.
    DHCP-Client; DNS-Client depend on the TCP/IP wich could not be loaded.
    Further it says TCP/IP could not be loaded cuz a device connected to the system does not work.
    [ok...i had to translate that os is german xD]

    The "TCP/IP-NetBIOS-helpprog" [srry for my bad translations...] depends on the "AFD" Sercive which due to following problem did not load:
    A device connected to the system does not work.

    The service "IPSEC-Services" depends on the service "IPSEC-Driver" which due to following did not load:
    A device connected to the system does not work.

    Nr.5 (finally...)
    The loading of following boot- or systemstart-drivers has failed:
    Tcpip now i think its prolly all cuz of that one device...i look in the hardware manager and see a wirless network adapter disabled.
    I enabled it and it auto-rebooted but luck im stuck and would be thankful forany advice

    btw:i tried the links in the event viewer...i cant connect on my troubled laptop so i used this one. All that comes out is a lil page (3 lines) in chinese which (altho i am chinese) cant read -___-#####
  2. d310n9

    d310n9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    change of plans then...

    aight...i figured another thing that i could do be4 going to the damned repair shop n that would be formatting c b4 recovering the system.
    the only problem is how do i format c without going into windows safe mode? cuz i guess if i use the sys files i cant format in the cmd prompt... normally i'd do it with a win xp cd - the problem is it wasnt included when i bought the pc...just a set of recovery cds...

    any1 got any idea plz help
  3. wlknaack

    wlknaack TS Rookie Posts: 143

    Why don't you remove all peripherals except your monitor and mouse and cold boot, and see if it boots, or at least gets to the splash screen or XP load screen. If you luck-out and it boots, you can add back peripherals one at a time, and reboot after each addition, in order to isolate the culprit. If the boot hangs at a different point in the boot process, or if you get a solid error notice, we can then proceed with a diagnosis.
  4. d310n9

    d310n9 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    oh...hehe this comes a lil l8te...
    well i figured out how to install everything by just formatting the hd on another pc...anyway...thanks for the help idea since it came on the same date...
    in future if i hav any probs or see any probs i can help w ill try to be active... i gotta go, kinda l8te here
    catch ya'll l8ter
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