Boy do I feel like a Genius (hope i spelt that right ha)

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Jul 5, 2005
  1. Hi everyone. I am a NOOBIE so please bare with me. Anyways everyone can get a VERY good laugh out of this. :haha: I just got a Dimension 4700C and i was fooling around with my video settings b/c i just got BF2 when one day I tried playing and it said I had no display memory.(If anyone knows why this happened too a reason would be nice? VIDEO CARD: ATI X300 series)

    I eventually fixed this but then it screwed up again so I tried to repeat the process but was unable. During this time of attepted fixing I turned off my ATI video card. Then being the genius I am I turned off the secondary video card so now I have nothing but a blank screen when I start up the computer. :bounce: Now is there anyways to fix this or should i just give up give myself a kick in the *** and take it to a repair shop? :dead:
  2. Rik

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    Look in the mobo book and find the section on "clearing cmos", follow the instructions and you should get your graphics back.
  3. kimbo.ati

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    It should be near the motherboard Battery/PCI slots
  4. CMoney

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    I'm not sure if I have a Mobo book or not. If I don't is there anywhere else that I could find this information?
  5. kimbo.ati

    kimbo.ati TS Rookie Posts: 135

    Search your motherboard on google and it should tell you.
    the motherboard name and model will be on the motherboard some where just look.
  6. ::.Zoltan.::

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    You should unplug the PC and then take out the battery on the motherboard.. that should reset the cmos
  7. Herbster63

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    Near your motherboard battery there is usually a jumper plug there(should be called jbat 1) just remember which 2 pegs it is on and take it off, restart your comp turn it off and put the jumper back on this should have cleared your cmos
    Hope this helped not all mobos the same :chef:
  8. Rik

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    Theres only one thing, i have mobo books for an msi 745 ultra, an asus k8v-x, and a abit kv8 pro and in all of them it says to not powerup the mobo with the bios jumper off as it can damage the board.
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