Brand New Asus P4c 800 Delux, All Usb Ports Burned???

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May 15, 2005
  1. Hi there everyone. Well, recently i was facing an extremely tough problem regrading the stability of my system. My system used to hang/crash and frequent encounters of typical windows BSOD's stating that "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA", "Some problematic file pciide.sys encountered error", "DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL","DEVICE DRIVER GOT STUCK IN AN INFINITE LOOP" etc the details of my events u can get from

    So after that,when i tried to connect my cable modem through USB port, it not at all got detected. (please note that it was being detected previously). And in none of the 4 ports it was being detected in windows. I did everything, installed all the latest chipset drivers, installed latest service pack 2 again etc, but nothing happened.

    And one fine day while i was working in the night, a huuge blasting noise came from the back of my CPU with a flash of sparking light and my machine became dead cold. it didnt started. And the very next day i figured out the my 400w SMPS powersupply got burned. So i bought a new power supply and replaced it and now my CPU is up and running. And i got back to sort out my modem trouble.

    So i thought that, might be my modem must have had some problems thats why its not being detected on my USB ports. So i took the modem to my friends place and checked in his computer, it was working fine and even got detected in the first shot. I also tried connecting my modem through my RJ45 connector cable to his ethernet port and it showed cable plugged without any "frequent unplugged errors like in my comp", i told everything to my friend about all the problems which started occuring right from the begining. He told me that even his computer power cable (which comes from the SMPS back and goes into the UPS got burnt thrice in just 3 months time, and it was all because that HE DIDNT HAD PROPER GROUNDING (ALSO KNOWN AS EARTHING) in his main socket. And once he plugged his UPS into the socket which had proper earthing/grounding, everything was fine and nothing happened to his comp for over 10 months now.

    So i also asked 1-2 more people i knew out here, they sad that even they faced the problems like hanging/crashing/ bad sectors etc just because they didnt had any proper grounding/earthing in their main power socket (where they inserted their UPS or CVT wire), and even their machine used to give shock when they touched it (whenever they stand on the ground bare foot without wearing any shoes or slippers)- all these symptoms were similiar to mine as even i used to get shock in the similiar situation from my machine (however the shock used to be non lethal as am still alive ).

    So i came back to my home and checked my wire connections and was suprised to found that my UPS wire is going into the socket which DIDNT HAD ANY GROUNDINGS OR EARTHINGS. So i immidiately removed my wire and inserted into the normal 220v main socket (which i suppose has proper grounding/earthing). And after that evrything, and i mean everything was over! all the BSOD's were gone, no network cable uplugged errors, and system is running fine like anything. But in this process i guess i have burned my SMPS (which i managed to replace with a new one) and 4USB ports because of the static elctricity which was circulated because of no gronding/earthing etc. The situation was so severe that if i used to touch the USB cable which came out of my modem to any metallic part of my machine, sparks used to come. And am sure that while inserting this USB cable in my USB sockets before i have lost my USB ports on the motherboard.

    Now the situation is that: none of my four ports on the back of my machine is working. So please can someone tell me is there any solutions to make sure that all my four ports are burnt?? And if they are, then is it possible to replace them? would clearing the bios help? And is there any fuse for the USB ports which gets blown up everytime when excess current is passed?

    Also please let me know what else damage which might have occured to my motherboard in the absence of grounding/earthing.

    ANy help in this matter would be appreciated.
    Tahnks and looking forward for your valuable replies,
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    Go to and get a trial copy of their SourceUSB program.
    Go to also, and get the free Everest Home Edition.

    The first for a thorough test, the second for general info about installed components.
    I'd say you need a new mobo if you need USB.
  3. SOcRatEs

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    Maybe some good news

    I went to asus site.
    follow link below, look at the bottom of the page.
    You have 8 usb ports! :giddy:
    4 on back with 4 more that require
    usb extensions connected directly to MoBo.
    Usually for additional ports on front of machine.

    Asus p4c800

    If the 4 on the back took a hit,
    maybe since the other 4 were not in use they are still ok!
    let us know if this is correct plz.
  4. scudmissile

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    I have a vaguely similar problem.

    After a electrical storm my usb connected ADSL modem would not work at all, the indicator LED on the front showed nothing, not even the RED not connected, however it does still continue to get warm when connected??

    However this is a minor side issue to the main point that none of my usb ports recognise anything being plugged in any more! i have usb ports both front and back, the 4 on the back being connected by two different cards. All of them provide power and are listed under Device Manager, however none of them are recognised when I plug in peripherals such as gamepad, camera etc

    I have tried reinstalling them, deleting them out of Device Manager and letting Xp reinstall them which it happily does. Device Manager suggests no issues, but still it never recognises when I plug anything in.

    A vague theory I have is that a lightning strike caused a power surge down telephone wire which surged the usb port the ADSL modem was connected to which has somehow taken the others down? Is that even plausible? I'm not sure...which is why I'm asking you guys!!!

    Please help, I'm desperate and frustrated!!! (I wont make the "and my computers not working!" joke here...)
  5. Secondgunman

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    Well thats what happens...

    Well that is what happens when you dont have protection...
    (1) Cabel Internet sucks don't use it, it is not secure and you are never getting what you pay for.
    (2) Use ADSL/DSL from phone companies when-ever you can or Satt-Net or a T-x line if you have the money.
    (3) Your modem and or end termanal, computer and or any thing that is conneceted to the system should be on a CUPS buy a CUPS that has a RJ-15 in and out jack AKA Phone in and out jack, this is not for your phone it is for you modem use it for that.

    90% of all computer problems start from bad power that means you are using a powerbar and most oftem a power bar from Wal Mart this is how you buy a Powerbar or CUPS (providing the CUPS or Powerbar is not brand new to the market) If you walk into the store and ask what the rating is and the sales rep (a) cannot find the rating on the box (b) doesnot know or (c) cannot look on a computer and find it you are at the wrong store turnaround and leave with out another word.
  6. Secondgunman

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    try replacing the usb cards, and why would you be using a high speed modem from a usb port that is what a RJ-45 NIC is for and a better way to connect. you should get one if you dont have one.

    providing the power seg didnot cook your pci and other expantian ports, that you will not know till you test all your ports with cards knowen to work.
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