brand new graphics card problem

By utra
May 24, 2007
  1. Hi all, last week i baught a AGP 8X Inno3D GeForce FX 5200 for my second pc, it arived 3 days ago and i poped open my case instaled the card and booted the pc up. Everything was fine i installed the drivers and updated direct x to go with the new drivers and played a few games over lan. It was running fine for 3 days i unpluged the pc to tide behind it, the next day i pluged it in to play and no video is showing. It shows the boot screen and the loading windows logo but as soon as windows starts the screen goes blank and the moniter says no signal. i would thing the computers not booting windows but i hear the windows login sound just after the screen dies.

    So thinking it was a conflict with the onbored i went in to bios and attempted to disable the onbored, but the bios dosent reconise the card it just says onbored or auto. I then tested this card in my main pc and it dosent boot at all.

    I have no clue whats wrong and i would be thinking its burnt out but then why does it still show the boot screen?? anyone havwe any ideas?

    the computer using it is an old dell wiht an intel penteum 3 running 990mhz and 256 ram. the second i tested it in is runing an amd athlon xp 3200+ and 1 gig ram.

    Any help would be great thanks.
  2. hazizk

    hazizk TS Rookie

    hello utra,

    don`t worry, your graphics card(GC) is fine. the problem is with your monitor. infact your monitor is fine also.

    it happened to me once.

    im assuming that after installing your GC you increased your display settings, along with increasing the resolution, and your monitor got tunned to those as wel, but when you unplugged the monitor, it got reset to lower settings and now when you want to start your pc monitor just turns blank(only when win-desktop loads) because its not accepting the higher graphics.

    so what you can do is:-
    if you know any shortcuts to reset your pc`s display , then you can do that once you hear the windows load.
    if not, then connect your pc to a monitor which could handle higher displays and then step down the resolution a bit and connect back to the previous monitor.

    i hope that helps.
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