Brand New S17 3080 Power throttling

Hi guys,

I was comparing my S17 3080 QHD TimeSpy to other online, noticed that my CPU score was low 9000 points instead of 11000.

So I ran HWinfo and aida stress test and I found that it triggered:
IA:Electric design point/other ICCmax PL4 SVID
Ring limit reasons
Ring max vr voltage ICCmax PL4

CPU boost to only 30w when GPU+CPU loaded .
When I load CPU only none of them trigger and it boost to 80w.

Need your help


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Detail your specs and give specific model numbers.
There are too many hardware options to be sure, but it sounds like you have a total power draw limit rather than limits on each part individually.

This gen is an awful time to buy a new gaming laptop IF you were upgrading.
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