Brand new self-built computer, blue screen of death

By BlackGhost
Jun 1, 2005
  1. BRAND NEW self-built computer, BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!

    I have just finished building my life's dream machine...
    It has an awesome ASUS motherboard, 400 GB hard drive, 1 GB of ram, brand new MSI video card, and i ..::think::.. i have everything plugged in right.
    Here is where my problem begins...
    When i turn it on, (yes, it turns on) everything is fine...until the windows install starts. It loads everything it needs to, then SHOWS ME THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!! It sucks. I think maybe the HDD is corrupt, but im not sure. Its a brand new HDD, bought off Newegg, 293 bucks. Ill do anything to get this baby off the ground. Any help??

    Thanks alot in advance,
    BlackGhost :confused:

    P.S. The hard drive is an SATA hard drive.
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    All capital letters is shouting and you will only receive less help if you scream for it.

    What does the BSOD say?

    You should always test the system memory after messing with it.
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