Brazil's President restricts which posts social networks can remove


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That's how it is, on paper.
In reality, the world works a bit differently. Money talks.

Ask yourself where they get their funding from, and ask yourself what would happen, if a country that is a member, does not agree with a certain direction.
I don't think we really need to do that as we had an example of such an action by the US while Trump was in office - and that simply appeared to be because Trump disagreed with WHO on COVID - in other words, Trump, as I see it, was attempting to dictate and enforce his policy on WHO.

Regardless of those actions by the US, WHO is not a regulatory agency that has any real power to enforce their policies on any country or anyone. WHO is an advisory agency, and as such, their advice can be ignored by any country and anyone. To think otherwise, even in the guise of "money talks, BS walks" is self-deception at best, IMO.

That said, some people do consider that their advice is based in sound science and should be followed.
Reality check. He is not restricting speech, he puts more requirements in place before a social media platform can restrict speech.
Um, pretty sure the point was he was abusing his power by over-writing existing law with his decree. Such power is only supposed to be used in the most dire of circumstances...too bad executive branches seem to forget this all over the world.