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By Santhanam
Sep 15, 2008
  1. Hi friends !

    I have a Desktop with AMD 6200+ on ASUS motherborad running on windows XP SP3.

    The device manager indicates an integrated "Texas Instruments OHCI compliant 1394 IEEE host controller" to be present.

    I have used a connector from this 1394 port on the motherboard to two USB outlets using a suitable cable provided alongwith the motherboard.

    Now, I have connected this using a "USB to Ethernet" connector to my wireless modem DSL 2640T.

    (I received some driver CD-ROM alongwith this USB to Ethernet adopter !!)

    I get the indications in the tray icon that 1394 is connected for a 400 Mbps connection. I disabled the existing networks and enabled only the 1394.

    But I am not able to get the internet connection using the usual TCP/IP settings that I do with my regular LAN card, successfully.

    When I tried to repair the connection, I get a message that "TCP/IP is not enabled. Cannot proceed".


    I go to the basic question now :

    1. Can I connect for a broadband internet connection through 1394 at all ??

    2. If possible, what are the settings and how I can successfully I set them since the speed through this connection is said to be 400 Mbps whereas the regular LAN one is only 100 Mbps ?
  2. CCT

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    You are, like many others before you, getting your connections mixed up.

    That 1394 is a firewire port for high speed communications with devices, NOT the internet.

    To access your network adapter, you need to first install some drivers for it.

    It would help if you identified make/model of comp or motherboard.

    edit: and this is the Introduce yourself' area, not 'Tell us your problem'.

    Post in the right area next time willya!
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