Broken Driver Link At Techspot, Can't Find Philips Acoustic Edge Drivers Anywhere...

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That's what they have here at techspot for downloading the 1.89 version of the drivers for the acoustic edge soundcard, but obviously the link is broken. The main philips site seems to have been changed greatly so that they don't have support drivers for this sound card any longer.

Does anyone know where I can get the latest drivers for my aging soundcard? I had to format and no longer have the drivers or access to the drivers that I need for my soundcard.

Thanks for any help.

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Yeah the Philips website is pretty frustrating alright. These links should work though;

Windows 2000;

Windows 95;

Windows 98

Windows ME

Windows XP

It probably just happened you were directed to a localized site automatically, least that's what happened when I was doing the Aurilium/Ultimate Edge reviews.
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