broken dvd-rw?

By formetopoopon90
Aug 3, 2006
  1. hey guys, i just built my new gigabyte computer and its AMAZZZINGGGG!!! its about 4 in the morning so i'll give yall the specs tomorrow sometime. my question is that i have a dvd-rw and it was working perfectly when it was in my old computer. so i was putting it into my new computer (about 10 mins later) , and i had to take the plate off. so i put it in my new computer and it wasn't working. i have a regular cd-rw and it works perfectly, *the cd-rw is set as master*. so i put in the dvd-rw *as slave* and the power didn't even come on. everything was set up perfectly. i switched drive posistions and everything. the cd-rw works great but the dvd-rw still gets no power. i then put the dvd-rw back into my old computer, and the power still doesn't come on. I finally decided that my dvd-rw is broken, but i decided to try it in my new computer one more time. i plugged it in and the power still didnt' come on, but i looked in bios and it said that it was connected...... i was amazed. no power....but somehow connected.... i took the slave jummper cable off and turned the computer back on and the connection went away. i tryed various jumper settings but still not a flicker. maby i could have been a little rough with taking off the plating??, but i couldn't imagin me breaking the dvd-rw just by taking the plate off...??? All help would be appriciated. Thanks!!!!
  2. rmdl51

    rmdl51 TS Maniac Posts: 244

    Hello! It's by chance that you maybe damage only the power led? have you tried to press the eject button? what about windows, it shows the unit on my PC or not? if you have an empty IDE (not sure if you are using a SATA HDD) try to connect it on a separate IDE from your CR-RW, I was about to suggest that your PSU maybe don't have enough power but if you already tried on your old PC with a Diff PSU then nevermind, you might also want to check the voltages if you have a multimeter at hand. Good Luck
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