Broken laptop display, external monitor not working, driver installing?

So I have a laptop with a broken display, I used to have windows 10 on it but I found it a bit slow so I wanted to make a fresh install. I wiped the hdd and when I tried to install windows 10 the external monitor was not working. So I took out the hdd from this laptop and I put it in an other laptop and I installed the windows like this. The external monitor on this is working fine but the problem is that when I put it back the hdd in the broken display laptop the external monitor still not working so like that I can't install the vga driver which is nees for it to work. I tried with the good laptop's driver but still nothing, I tried using vnc server but I think when I put the hdd back in it's laptop then the wlan driver is not working either cuzz it's not his component. what should I do?