broken laptop :<

By hesham1516
Oct 11, 2006
  1. Last year i bought a cheap laptop for university with good enougth specs for my own personal use (Medion MD40200 (RAM 2000)).
    After i decided that it was just too big to carry around (15.4"), i pretty much let my sister have it. after a while, i noticed it started to get really hot. this is where all my troubles began.
    A little later, the laptop began to start shutting down whenever any cpu intensive applications were running, then it even started happening whilst watchint movies.
    After a bit of research, i noticed... that emachines have the EXACT same laptop, just a different lid... :(
    turns out they buy their laptops from a company called ARIMA and the overheating problem in these laptops began since the use of the arthlon xp-m 2500+ (i have a 2600+). (too cheap to add new cooling :()
    I then decided to open it and clean it out seing as the warranty period had passed anyway. to my surprise there wasnt much dust inside at all, so i changed the paste (arctic silver 5) and tried all sorts of things, but nothing seemed to make any difference. so i gave up on it and just decided to leave it. however today, my sister came back with the laptop and told me that it wont even switch on anymore... horrific...
    tried palying around with everything, but no change.. im guessing it was the motherboard that went bad, and i just want it back up and running smoothly for a month or 2 :), any ideas what could be causing the problem, or how it can be fixed?
    saving for a toshiba right now :p

    Medion MD 40200
    Mobile athlon xp 2600+
    512mb DDR ram
    60gb HD
    15.4" widescreen tft
    54mbps 802.11g wifi

    forgot to mention that the power LED's actually come on when i try to turn it on, but no sound at all, nothing on screen etc, and after leaving it for a while, the processor gets pretty hot.
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