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Jan 16, 2004
  1. Sigh..the fan blades snapped off of my g4ti4200. I really like the card, but I'm not sure how to go about fixing it. Should I buy a third party video card fan and attach it myself? How would I go about attaching it? I would appreciate any help.
  2. Nodsu

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    If the fan is attached with 4 screws in the corners then you can just go and buy a standard fan (your local electronics/computer dealer may carry fans) with the right size (the fan sizes are standard) and screw it in place.

    If it is fixed to the heat sink in some weird/special way then you need to buy a heatsink with a fan.
  3. CheezHead

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    I would think it a Manufacture's defect,,try to get a new card from them,,if the Blades "snapped" off something went wrong.

    other wise i would get the ThermalTake GiantII,,I have it on my GforceMX440 and its overclocked and very stable at 533/350
  4. Nodsu

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    Yeah, sure he just plugged the card in, pushed the power button and then heard the startling nose of tiny pieces of plastic hitting the insides of his computer. Immediately turning off the machine he discovered that his brand new vid card's fan blades had snapped off all by themselves.. :eek:
  5. Hitman`

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    Most (If not all) of the GeForce4 series cards use a standard fan design. Finding them will be a piece of cake. Most of the Ti4200's use a 2 pin lockdown on the card, at different angles. Make sure if you buy another cooler that the fan/heatsink has the correct spacing. There are 2 different spacings, but most of the coolers will announce what they work with. (Like: thermaltake orb works will all GF4 cards) Something to that effect. Also consider aftermarket cooling. GF4 cards overclock nicely. Buying a thermaltake giant or another heatpipe cooler can add up to 35% more horsepower for about 40 bucks.
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