Brothers in arms wont play

By megabomination
Jun 30, 2007
  1. BIA earned in blood wont play.I insert the disc and the splash screen wont even appear,dvd drive wont spin disc!If been informed that my dvd drive is the problem as it spins up really high when PC is first started.The thing i dont get is that ALL other games i have are good ,as are cd,cdrom and dvd? The cover for the game has written on it that the disc has copyright protection that MAY conflict with some DVD RW drives!Is this my problem?The disc is ok as i have checked it on another PC.The game installed and played when i first got it for a couple of days but then wouldnt work?Doesnt make sense!
  2. Neyla

    Neyla TS Rookie Posts: 21

    I think that it might not be capable of playing because either the copyrighted protection or it might not be suitable for your PC. I had gotten a game once, and it didn't work at all! (Waste of 15 bucks if you ask me! >.< ) Yeah, you might need to double-check that you have all the programs and such that is needed to play. Just double-check because sometimes the probelm is right in front of you and it also may be because of not enough space. Was the other PC different then this one? That might just be your probelm. Hope it all works out.
  3. anathemata

    anathemata TS Rookie

    Brothers in Arms Earned in Blood DVD-RW issues

    I've had the same issue. Bought the game yesterday, and it seems that the Pioneer DVD-RW installed on Dell's Inspiron 1501 (w/ Vista Home Basic) is the problem because of Ubisoft's concerns with piracy. Has anyone got any suggestions please?
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