Browser Hijacked

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Another fine mess I was called upon to deal with but have had no luck in solving this pesky problem.
I beleive IE had been hijacked on my neices computer. Here are the symptoms.
Firt problem was that after going to 3 or 4 web pages she gets a "Page cannot be displayed" error. Even on pages that we know are valid. Next problem that occured was that the browser suddenly showed this line in the address bar,
"k-the-fbi-got-my-info"" then a bunch of other gibberish as well (sorry I can't remember exactly what it all was but it pointed the browser to an apparently empty web page.)
I searched in google for anything relating to the following search criteria (k-the-fbi-got-my-info). All I got were three pages (all in german) and upon more recent searches I got one german page and two Italian pages, all linked to use groups relating to spyware and trojan horses.
Has anyone else seen this problem? If not I feel that in the near future we will be made more painfully aware of this nasty hijack.

I ran spybot search and destroy, adaware, updated virus scan (AVG as well as Avast). The one thing I did do that lessened the pest was to remove XP service Pack 2. The computer ran alot faster and although the page does come up, it lasts for a split second and then returnes to the requested URL. This leads me to believe that the hijack is taking advantage of a security hole in SP2. God I wish she'd let me load Mozilla Firfox on her machine!


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use ad-aware but first tis before installing ... go to Start > Run > type "msconfig" > go Startup > untick all of them ... then install > run the program > quarantine the hijacker then go back to msconfig and tick all ur startup options again or simply click normal startup :)

Opps forgot to mention uncheck the the "search negligble risk entries" when scaning cos lotsa progam pop up askin u to del them :)
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