BS CPU Friggen Hot on WoW

By Snapheat
Dec 26, 2005
  1. Heya all, im new to these forums, and forums in general, (never had computer troubles). I bought this PC from Dell, Pentium 4 3.0 ghz, Radeon 9800 pro, 512 ddr 400 ram just standard parts pretty much. Never had a problem playing cs, battlefield, unreal tournament, doom, guildwars, solitare etc.. you get my drift.

    Recently started playing world of warcraft, and now i get frequent blue screens, im not sure how to post them here, however im confident my computer needs more ram and more cooling. It takes long to load on even low graphics and after a blue screen i open my computer, and the cpu heatsink actually burns me. Ive never had this problem so im guessing world of warcraft is straining my computer. Just double checking if anyone knows if newer games make computers work harder therefore overheating. Nothing is overclocked, left it stock from when i bought it. I've been reading about faulty memory and hard discs, but im sure my memory cant be it or hard disk but im checking anyway.

    Also i have no idea how to cool down my system, yesterday i had it open and the air conditioner directed right into it, that worked pretty much all nite no blue screens. Where do i start looking for better cooling and how to install it.

    So any suggestions to cooling rigs will be appreciated. Right now theres only a fan taking air right off the cpu heatsink out the back of the computer, and the fan on my graphics card.

  2. Snapheat

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    Also, i was wondering if theres an "easy" way to check the temperature of hardware while the computer is on, so i can see if theres an increase in idle and gaming temps. thanks
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    If cooling the CPU with your airconditioner actually helped, then it probably is overheating.

    There isnt much you can do in that case:
    a) see if your BIOS supports regulating fan speed - in that case crank it up
    b) underclocking your CPU - not very good, since you lower your performance
    c) try CPUidle, it lowers CPU temps. -
    c) get a new CPU cooler with AS5 applied on the CPU - the one recommended above is pretty good.
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