BSOD Aaahhhh!

By be_patient
Jul 31, 2007
  1. hey all, (sorry for long post, i tried to give as much info as possible)

    for a few weeks now i have been having random crashes. These crashes have led to a BSOD 3times now.
    I haven't caught what the message was besides "windows has shut down to prevent further damage... blah blah blah" which i know doesnt help at all.

    lately it has been crashing, from what i can guess explorer.exe, I figure this much because twice now i have been working away with flash 8, winamp and mozilla firefox open. Suddenly the music stops and bang, my start menu, ctrl alt del, all the usual no longer works. BUT i have noticed i can continue working in flash, and save the file fine and everything.

    Strange, i know! one time i didnt even realized it had died, i just kept working away, saved my flash, no problems, and went to open a new program. This did not work, and upon leaving the flash screen everything became completly non-responsive.

    I have also noticed that when i watch video's at certain times it just freezes the footage for upto 10 seconds, and then catches up and continues. This also had never previously happened. Just tonight after watching around an hour of video it just randomly BSODed on me.

    this led me to belive that it was a video driver issue... so i went to the device manager and scanned all hardware no errors. I checked and found i have ALL the latest drives, video card, soundcard etc etc.
    note: it does not crash during games which is very strange.

    i tried to uninstall my AMD dual core optimizer, hoping it may play some part... but of course not.

    i must also mention that when it freezes (not necessarily BSOD) and a reboot is necessary it usually will not load this seems to happen. up 2 5x
    restart safe like upto 5x
    switch off and on power box and then
    remove 1 stick of memory and reboot safe mode... success
    shutdown and then start normally.... fine
    restore ram.... fine until next crash.

    ill will note that i just got both my memory and motherboard checked for errors, first by myself, then a qualified technician. they are both FINE!

    im completely out of ideas, and would prefer not to format AGAIN!

    Thanks for all your time people!

    i wanna say thanks in advance for all that contribute, this is really got me stumped.

    Processor:AMD 4200X2
    Motherboard:ASUS A8N32-SLi Deluxe
    Memory:2Gb Corsair
    Videocard:ASUS 7900GT
    HDD:1x160gb - 1x200gb
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    The usual cause is memory error. Download and run the free Memtest86 for four hours or 7 passes, which ever takes longer.
    Then, if good, it rules out the common error, so you can look at other problems.
    Second, I would suspect the video card driver. Third, the video card.
  3. be_patient

    be_patient TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 103


    thanks for reply!
    im pretty sure my ram is fine. as i said i tested it myself (memtest) it came up fine, and then i got it tested at the store where i bought all my parts from. They also said the memory is as good as gold.

    im tried various nVidia drivers, all with the same problem. The weird thing is that it hasn't crashed under heavy gaming load as yet. Oblivion, rainbow six vegas, etc etc. Is their a way i could test if it is my gfx card?
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