BSOD after installing anti-virus/spyware

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Dec 14, 2007
  1. Hello there and thankyou in advance... I am running Windows XP Pro and after I installed Avast and Spybot on the computer and restarted it would bluescreen right after it reached the desktop. Each time with a different BSOD message but for some reason I only got 1 dump file. *shrug* Did a little google'in and didn't find much... if there are no suggestions possible then I'll try posting on Spybot's and Avast's forums/email or something.

    Thanks again!

    ~Mini Attatched
  2. Route44

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    Your minidump points to KSecDD.sys which is a driver in Windows OS, specifically the Kernel Security Support Provider Interface.

    Question: Are you running any other anti-virus software? If you are you are having conflicts. Only one anti-virus software should be running.

    Also, if you have uninstalled any previous anti-vi software did you check to see if it was a clean uninstall, i.e., no remnants of the old?

    AVAST is a nice anti-virus software. Perhaps you need to do a full un-install and reinstall and see if that helps.
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    I have run into a problem like that only once before.... fortunately an uninstall and reinstall of avast seemed to fix it. But as i said only happened once... avast is quite reliable so i'd agree with route 44 and look for previous AV software
  4. Raidur

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    Hey there and thank you for your suggestions.
    The computer was recently reformated and avast was the first anti virus installed. Once uninstalled (in safe mode), the computer booted fine. I will try reinstalling Avast when I get access to the computer again and let you guys know how it works out. I've had bsod problems with this computer before, and reformated without being able to figure out exactly what the problem was, hopeing it was a software issue, and that's why I didn't try reinstalling Avast at first. Got scared =P. Anyways thanks again and I'll be back!
  5. Raidur

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    Alright well I didn't bother reinstalling Avast yet, but the computer has had a few new blue screens that are completely random. I need a solution! Could this be a Hardware issue? This computer is running a cash register that is at the front desk of the store, so all it has installed are the OS, touch screen monitor progs, and the program for our cash registering. Thanks again.

    New Minis attatched!
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