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Mar 30, 2005
  1. Hey everyone, I'm running on Windows XP with a Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 256.. Well, yesterday I woke up and had no internet access. After a bit of trying to fix things, my computer started to hang up. I hadn't formatted in a while, and it was about time I did. So I formatted and reinstalled windows, everything seemed to go fine. I installed a few drivers, including the new catalyst driver. After resetting, I am on my desktop for a few seconds and BAM blue screen of death. I have since formatted again and ONLY installed the catalyst driver, same results.

    It tells me its dumping physical memory, and I get the following error: "STOP 0x0000007E(0x00000005,0x00000000,0xF7C8270C,0xF7C8240C)"

    If I boot into safe mode and remove the driver, I can boot up normally again. Some people have told me to remove and swap around my memory and such, and I have to no avail. I've googled the 0x0000007E error a bunch, but can't find much that applies to my specific situation.

    If anyone has any idea, I'd be very happy to hear them! Thanks.
  2. vegasgmc

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    Try an different Catalyst driver. I had a lot of problems with 4.10 and 4.12.
  3. Storm_Fish

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    I tried an older one.. I forget what one now, and some other non catalyst, or at least thats what I thought it was. Same problem. I hope my video card isn't damaged, or something similar. Seems odd that it works until I update the driver.
  4. Storm_Fish

    Storm_Fish TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, this can't be good at all. I swapped my 9800 Pro with an 8500 that was in my other computer.. Updated the driver, and it worked just fine.. Then I put the 9800 Pro in the other comp, and after updating that driver crashing just the same... So apparently my video card is damaged? Is there any other possibilities? Anyone?
  5. vegasgmc

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    There is a chance the card is bad, especially if its a Saphire or Powercolor.
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